FlagHi™ Removes the Uncertainty about the Carry Distances of Your Golf Clubs

FlagHi™ (www.flaghi.com) is a first-of-a-kind golf smartphone technology that calculates a new carry distance for each of your golf clubs based on the current playing conditions.

​Whether it's hot or cold, or you're playing at higher elevations or at sea level, FlagHi predicts an updated carry distance for each club in your bag. The patent-pending FlagHi™ technology presently uses temperature, elevation, and humidity in its algorithms.

The FlagHi Pro patent-pending PlaysAs™ feature goes one step further with the calculations: You simply enter the distance for a specific golf shot, and FlagHi Pro predicts what that shot ACTUALLY PLAYS. It further suggests which club to hit. 
PlaysAs takes range finder and GPS distances to the next level. Knowing the distance is good. Knowing what it actually plays – that’s huge.

Enjoy the confidence of knowing that you're grabbing the right club for the shot. Trust your club. Trust your swing. And let FlagHi and Mother Nature do the rest.

FlagHi™ Because air affects the ball™